CENTA TPO is a unique national competition to reward, recognize and celebrate teachers, and also a step towards the CENTA Certification.
TPO 2017 will be held in 28 cities across India and in Dubai.

TPO Challenger - An in-depth test of subject expertise as well as pedagogical practice in the context of the particular subject. It consits of the TPO plus an additional test.

Tracks Middle School English, Middle School Science, Middle School Maths
Test Duration 2 hours TPO + 1.5 hours Challenger
Prizes Cash prizes (INR 100000 for winner of each Challenger Track), 2 weeks training at Oxford University for 2 winners of Middle School English, Top 3 winners to be part of the winning team that co-authors the second edition of 'Chalk and Challenges: A Collection of Perspectives on Teaching Practices' and so on..
Test Date Same as TPO, December 9th, 2017.

Meeting a certain benchmark in TPO Challenger automatically gets you a micro-credential for Subject Matter Expertise of the CENTA Certificate

Become a CENTA Certified Teaching Professional

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