“CENTA is an organization that highlights key aspects of teaching such as teaching quality, holistic education and professional growth of teachers. TPO benefits teachers by reminding us about good practices and broadening our thinking to look at different developments in the profession. I am very happy that we are also taking up CENTA Certification, along with participation and recognition in the TPO.”

Mr. Minhaj Arastu

National Topper, CENTA TPO 2017
Principal, Focus High School Hyderabad


“What I really appreciate about CENTA and TPO is the way it is bringing honour back to the teaching profession. It is very motivating for teachers to be recognized for the kind of work they do and to be validated for their content knowledge and their teaching methodology.”

Ms. Nandini Shah

Subject Topper, Middle School English and Middle School English Challenger, CENTA TPO 2017
Oberoi International School, Mumbai


“Winning CENTA TPO 2017 is my greatest achievement as a teacher! As teachers, we constantly encourage our students to never fight shy of taking up a challenge, so how could we not take up the challenge of being assessed ourselves? I made it compulsory for all my core subject teachers to take the TPO. The TPO proved to be an effective assessment tool and even made me wish I was more involved in teaching than in administration.”

Ms. Mitra Som Saha

Regional Topper, North-East Region, CENTA TPO 2017
St. Vivekananda English Academy, Guwahati


“I am overwhelmed! This is, by far, the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. God bless all of you at CENTA. I am happy that this will enable me reach out to schools far and wide, and contribute to the country's education in many more meaningful ways.”

Mansa Pande

Teacher educator, Pune and CENTA TPO 2015 National Topper. This photograph shows Ms. Pande receiving her award from Mr. Andy Homden, CEO, Consilium Education at KINSES 2016, Dubai.


“Every learner must face an exam, then why not a professional one? I got a mail regarding the TPO 2015 through our Principal. I gave the test and received a rank among the first 500 teachers. I was on cloud nine. I again gave TPO 2016 to improve my rank. The preparations that went missing last time from my routine found time early morning thrice a week. The logic and ability section went the best. CENTA TPO has stepped in the picture as Messiah.”

Bhoomica Asnani

Teacher, Lodha World School, Thane


A group of teachers from Atul Vidyalaya, Valsad, land up in Mumbai well ahead of time and all geared up and excited to take the CENTA TPO.


“Teachers are the first step from where change in the education space can begin, and I feel that the CENTA TPO gave the teachers a platform to assess their knowledge. It not only helped me assess my knowledge but also gave me insight into new teaching methods, something really important for a teacher- more so for a primary school teacher like me.”

Sandhya Rani Kattula

Teacher, MPPS Chattanpally, Telangana


“TPO has personally helped me become a better teacher. This recognition will help me establish my credentials (going forward).”

Mr. Arpan Sen

National Rank 2, CENTA TPO 2017
XAMCHECK (BGM Policy Innovations) Pune


“I was thrilled at the idea of an Olympiad for teachers! Writing TPO proved to be a great learning experience as the questions involved rigorous thinking and were focussed on the analytical nature of Science as a discipline.”

Ms. Kumud Agarwal

Regional Topper, Delhi, CENTA TPO 2017
Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Delhi


“TPO was one of my most exciting experiences as a teacher. The Olympiad was unique in its own way and I got a chance to be a student again! It was a wonderful experience analyzing yourself as a teacher.”

Ms. Priya Sonnakula

Regional Topper, Dubai Region, CENTA TPO 2017
Our Own High School -Al Warqa, Sharjah


“The well-designed questions shot from every angle perceivable in Pedagogy and brain teasers in Math ensured me that gratification I was looking for. I must congratulate CENTA for taking up such a great initiative. The profession of school teachers has always been highly eulogized on paper but not much has been done concretely to raise the water mark. CENTA TPO is a step in the right direction. Also, for self-motivated teachers this assessment could serve as a benchmark to work towards.”

Naga Padmaja Geddam

Director, The Crossword School, Guntur and CENTA TPO 2015 National Rank 17


“When I heard about TPO, I knew I needed to tell all my 300 teachers about it. I invited CENTA to speak to my teachers and to help them register. I feel it is an excellent platform to measure yourself as a teacher, to know your level of knowledge and then work towards enhancing the same. In fact, I have registered myself!”

Manila Carvalho

Principal, Delhi Public School Bangalore-East


“GESF 2017 was a dream come true. It fortified​ my belief that if you hope or fear something deeply it will happen. Unexplainably​, it was sooner than I hoped​. What more could you ask for when you get a lifetime chance to meet amazing educators from around the globe nominated for Global Teacher Prize for their incredible achievements.”

Syed Mustafa Hussain

Vice Principal, Focus High School, Hyderabad. This photograph shows Mr. Hussain being felicitated by Mr. Fernando Reimers, Faculty Director, International Education Policy, Harvard Graduate School of Education.


“We would like to "THANK YOU" for giving us an opportunity to attend the Global Education and Skill Forum in Dubai. It was an eye opener for me. Once again thanks a lot for everything. I am already looking forward to the next year event and this time I will even prepare better so that I get a better rank that this time.”

Sangeeta Agrawal

Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya Rohini Sector-8, New Delhi and High School Chemistry test track topper in CENTA TPO 2015. This photograph shows Ms. Agrawal in a discussion with Cherrie Blair, noted British barrister and wife of Britain's former PM, Tony Blair, during the Global Education and Skills Forum 2016, Dubai.


“I have achieved merit in many other exams and contests, but CENTA TPO is a national-level platform and that makes this success more significant for me. Everyone has to improve their skills and I feel other teachers too need to participate and leverage the opportunity that this platform provides towards enhancing teaching skills.”

Mr. D Mahesh

Subject Topper, Primary track (Telugu),CENTA TPO 2017
MPUPS Kadloor, Sangareddy


“TPO is a mentally stimulating experience – my brain was whizzing after I completed the test this time! One needs to be a lifelong learner and continuous practitioner to excel in this exam. TPO tests only the higher order thinking skills like application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis. I will participate every year to evaluate my progress.”

Mr. Gyaneshwaran Gomathinayagam

Subject Topper, High School Physics & Middle School Science Challenger, CENTA TPO 2017
The Doon School, Dehradun


“You have opened a whole new world of learning and knowing about Global Best Practices. Upon returning from KINSES, there was a letter awaiting me at school from a Govt. School Primary teacher from a village near Vellore, TN ! She had read the interview that you had profiled in The Hindu and wrote to me for some guidance on furthering her career goals. Now I have written back to her, spoken to her over the phone 4-5 times, connected her to a couple of teachers in Tamil Nadu who can guide her well. This, Team CENTA, is the magic of your work! Need we say more! You have given us a platform internationally as well as connected us to the real India. Such an opportunity to be of some service to a sister teacher in a faraway village is most meaningful. This teacher is already feeling more confident. This little mentorship is all due to your detailed working on all aspects of TPO. Thank you so much. The impact of your work is really far reaching.“

Shivani Nagrath

Teacher, Summerfields School, New Delhi and CENTA TPO 2015 National Rank 5


“ A teacher needs to keep pace with the changing society and learn new ways of reaching out to her students. The question patterns of the TPO are so innovative and well-designed that only a truly passionate educator can answer those and at the same time get enriched by learning a lot more. I am fortunate that I could take part in it. Thank You Team CENTA for your unique endeavour!”

Ananya Chatterjee

Teacher, Delhi Public Megacity, Kolkata


“When I was attempting the questions I felt I was learning a lot while answering them. My subject questions taught me how much more I have to learn about the subject I teach and were a bit humbling. Respect! Every single question was well-made. At the end of the test we (my wife and I) kept talking of how we just want to study about teaching because we suddenly felt like beginners in a vast and exciting field”

Manoj Pillai

Teacher, Akshara Vidyaashram, Pondicherry. Mr. Pillai and his wife, both teachers, participated in different time slots in TPO 2015, taking turns to look after their six month old baby who also travelled with them!


Korivi Srinivas Rao, a teacher serving low income students in Peddarokallapalli village, Andhra Pradesh sends us a snippet of the regional press coverage he received on securing a Top 500 rank in CENTA TPO 2015.


“It was a wonderful experience for me. I always like to test myself since it gives me a chance to know what the latest trends are in education. I enjoyed the whole experience- it tested me in some ways and I am really happy about it!”

Sushma Manda

Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya NAD, Vishakhapatnam

Ashwini Kulkarni

Teacher , Vidyashilp Public School, Pune

Mamta Kumari

Teacher, MCD School, Rohini

Latha Chandrashekaran

Maths Teacher and Author, Gurgaon